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 Age 31
"Zar's predictions"

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Here is some basic information about Gilberto's activity in the world of Norron. Since this user is hiding whether or not they currently have a Norron city, there is not much to display here.

This user is hiding whether or not they have a Norron city.

Past Cities
This is a list of the cities that this user completed past ages of Norron with, as well as some basic information about each of those cities. Click on an age number to view the final rankings for that age, or click on a kingdom number to view this user's kingdom from that age.








30hot spring (#2magma Frigg 1,424 562,848 64,807 
27supermarket (#3retailer Tyr 1,876 515,508 63,393 
25City of Taurus (#6Horn Loki 490 68,297 4,055 
24Goneland (#6Stone Odin 1,128 364,019 69,155 
22Witch of the North (#4Witch of the North Freya 656 659,121 174,206 
21Wolf dale (#6wolfbane Fenrir 1,190 195,395 27,451 
20Setup (#11Diamondshield Jormungandr 1,186 213,626 21,964 
19Bricks (#1falling Frigg 818 770,875 149,145 
18Merfolk (#2Serpent Aegir 1,055 279,792 18,589 
17No wisdom (#9Feeble Kvasir 447 581,271 137,563 
16City of Thunder (#11Angela Thor 1,182 287,281 37,285 
15High Tower (#2Loson Mimir 649 596,605 120,190 
14White city (#2Silvertongue Odin 1,043 454,587 26,760 
13hand of red (#11louis Frey 806 407,354 69,419